Saturday, June 29, 2013


There has been little excitement on the morning walks. It is perhaps to hot and humid for even the animals and birds to be stirring much even in the early hour of our stroll.  We get a glimpse of the young and mature Eagles, a ground hog scrambling to get back home before being caught by the dogs, rabbits galore and this morning a King bird with young, in one of the ginkgo trees, on a flying lesson. The air is so close.  Thunderstorms pop up putting the dogs in an emotional state, there are short bursts of rain, clearing and then the build up of humidity again. So it is summer.  The barley is still in the fields, harvest delayed by the wet ground.  The gardens surrounding the house, however are really spectacular.  Sitting on the bench in the shade of the Crape Myrtle trees I am happy to enjoy the view all the years of labor have produced, but of course sitting there I also begin to see defects that need my attention to correct.
The Lavender harvest is about 1/2 way done for the year and what a harvest it is.  I do not remember such abundance.  I have had my problems with cultivation of Lavender in the past,  but the plants that I now have, some more than 8 years old, must be satisfied with the location I have found for them, because they seem to be thriving.  This is a laborious task, but not without rewards, for nothing is quite as relaxing and aromatic as the scent of lavender.

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  1. Beautiful, this is exactly what I am doing and I get so frustrated and what to just take the sheers and wack it, but I just keep at it. I love your puck's glen I can picture you, Zoe, Jake and Frank in the garden.

    XOXOX Kris